About Us


Founded in 2019, Homio Decor is a place where you can be creative, where you can design and shop for luxury items for your home and be unique. We are just as passionate about home decoration, as we are committed to providing an excellent customer service.

Our team of experts offering support and design advice from the first click through to delivery and installation process if need be. 

We wanted you to be able to find the chicest items under our roof and decorate your home to create a charming surrounding where you could feel a positive and loving energy or simply add a touch of joy and diversity to your home. 

Therefore combining all these has led to bringing you our online store - Homio Decor

Our creativity has no limits and we hope to be able to inspire you with our ideas. To date, Homio Decor has delivered over 50.000 products to clients in 29 countries, redefining the luxury interior design experience and helping people around the world to live beautifully.


We believe that beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune: handmade or store-bought work isn't in everyone's budget - and that's totally fine.

Here at Homio Decor we offer luxurious items that will suit everyones budget. We vow to always dedicate a weekly section of our site to items that are affordable, easy and fun - that way you always have a choice when it comes to decorating.

You can always find something you will absolutely fall in love with!


From furniture to craftsmanship, we value the best. But that appreciation for excellence doesn't end there—we value the best in people too. Our diverse team is made up of the industry's most experienced, passionate and discerning interior experts who strive for the best in their role.


Our goal is to help the world live beautifully. We're privileged to be chosen by new homeowners looking to decorate their first home to hospitality giants who trust us to help them complete their multimillion pound projects, including Marriott Group, Hilton Hotels, La Quinta and others. 


"Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris