10 Ways to Incorporate the Wabi-Sabi style in your home

10 Ways to Incorporate the Wabi-Sabi style in your home


Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic trend that appreciates imperfect and incomplete. 

It is based on the contemplation of nature and the acceptance of its continuous cycle of life, because nature is not perfect; on the contrary, it is full of imperfections. Wabi Sabi style interiors  try to imitate this eternal paradox obtaining an unquestionably surprising result.

The meaning of Wabi Sabi has evolved over time, becoming used in the field of interior design and decoration. The concept does not only refer to the design of a house, but actually to a perspective and a lifestyle.

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Discover the ten ways to incorporate this style into your home.

1 – Simple environments.

In the atmospheres of the Wabi Sabi houses, harmony, stillness and a certain nostalgia for the old must reign. They are sincere and intimate, creating places that serve as a refuge to cope with daily stress.

Each space has to transmit the sensation of serenity and calm, for what it is necessary to avoid excesses of color, complements and furniture. Each piece of furniture that is chosen must have a utility, without pretensions, although sometimes this is only to offer beauty. 

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2 – Imperfection.

To flee from perfection, the authenticity of life must be reflected in our home. In the Wabi sabi distribution, order is fundamental; but it is an order based on the equilibrium of the elements, fleeing from symmetries and too controlled spaces.

The geometric lines are not precise and the edges are not defined. Imperfect materiality is the ideal of beauty. The design of architect Sergey Makhno’s wabi sabi apartment reflects very well the authenticity of life.

decoración escultura peana interior wabi sabiP

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mobiliario artesanalP

3 – Neutral tones.

The chromatic compositions of this style must be neutral. Raw, sand, grey, black, brown, earthy greens and oxides inspired by nature are of prime importance.

The chromatic range tries to achieve a certain timelessness, at the same time that it transmits a sensation of calm and calmness.

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4 – Textures and finishes.

The walls do not have to be smooth and polished. On the contrary, the natural roughness of the materials is what gives them their authenticity. We can give a lot of character if the finish of the wall is made with stone, wood or any of the traditional techniques such as mortar to lime.

Wabi Sabi paints are usually ecological and free of harmful toxins to health. They can be smooth or with rustic finishes, looking for a somewhat decadent aspect that confers to the interiors a special beauty. They are not looking for perfect finishes, so they run away from lacquers and surfaces that are too smooth, highlighting the beauty of nature’s unfinished and randomness.

apartamento con tonos neutros

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paredes de interior rugosas vivienda wabi sabi

5 – Natural materials.

Again the maximum exponent of the style is the most natural. The natural materials are coarse, they adapt to degradation and natural wear, without needing maintenance.

Try to get the perfect combination of natural rough and soft materials to decorate a Wabi Sabi home and give it the warmth it needs. Rough materials range from natural stone, untreated wood, clay, ceramics and iron. To smooth, soft textures from natural fibre textiles such as linen, wool, cotton, jute, silk and sisal. It is also evident how decoration with natural materials influences health.

So that’s where we see that Wabi Sabi doesn’t just focus on decorating, but on making your home your way of life. A healthy life with a healthy house.

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6 – Organic forms.

Unlike modernity, Wabi sabi worships the beauty of organic imperfections through organic and more rounded shapes. It flees in this way, from precise geometric shapes, straight lines, defined and refined edges.

In spite of everything, the Wabi Sabi decoration is a kind of minimalism, but with all the warmth provided by the textures of materials coming from nature.

interior naturaleza

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lámparas con formas orgánicas

7 – The beauty of the past.

For this style, the past has an added value and incalculable beauty, the elements age with a special charm over the years. It is common to use objects and furniture inherited or of other times with a great sentimental load.

Because in Wabi sabi houses, objects are few and imperfect but they tell stories. By introducing decoration or furniture that has history, rooms are brought to life by the simple fact of being in them.

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8 – Handcrafted decoration.

The Wabi Sabi style interiors seek to introduce traditional objects and handcrafted pieces, which with their imperfections show all the beauty.

A handmade product or a handmade way, is synonymous with quality and also carries an emotional sense that industrialized products do not have. It is worth applying Wabi sabi decoration in our home because it means a change in the value we give to the objects that surround us.

mueble fabricado artesanalmente

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escultura artesanal

9 – Decoration linked to nature.

The elements of decoration are important to give personal brushstrokes to the spaces, always resorting to simple and organic elements that transmit humility and are linked with nature.

Decorating the house with plants is essential, but we can also introduce, for example, a tree trunk that serves as a base to place a pot or a sculpture.

10 – Illumination.

A very important element in Wabi Sabi homes, whether natural or artificial light.
In many Wabi Sabi interior design projects, natural light plays a major role, entering through windows and flooding rooms with shadows and reflections. Lighting has a personality of its own.

There is no need to be afraid of artificial light. It is important to create spaces that invite calm, tranquillity and authenticity. It is possible to place lamps with personality made in a handcrafted way, such as clay or ceramics. Even the chimneys and the warmth of its fire help to achieve an interesting contrast with the neutral tone of the walls and the textures of the materials.

juego de luces y sombras en la decoración wabi sabi

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lámparas exclusivas y naturales

In short, the Wabi Sabi is a natural, deep, sincere and timeless style of decoration.

After reading the 10 ways to incorporate the Wabi Sabi style into your home, you’ll realize that it makes perfect sense to bet on a decoration that never goes out of style and where natural elements are the protagonists.

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