How to Decorate a Hutch

How to Decorate a Hutch


When it comes to decorating, there's always a balance to strike between function and beauty. And when you find a piece that combines both, you know it's special. A dining room hutch, like our new Trucco Cabinet, has a simple, clean look, but also packs in tons of valuable storage. We're sharing our favorite tips for how to decorate a hutch, both in a dining room or other spaces throughout the home.

Classic Dining Room Hutch

Of course, if you're using a hutch in your dining room, you'll likely need to store dinnerware and other entertaining essentials. Our biggest tip: Create levels.

Books and stackable shelves help you make the most of vertical space.


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Play with Texture, not Color

A glass-front hutch can start to feel cluttered if you incorporate too many things, so we recommend trying to keep your color palette consistent. Here, we used a mixture of white ceramic, wood, and copper accents. The textures keep the arrangement interesting, but the lack of color means it never feels too busy.


Think Outside the Dining Room

Hutch cabinets aren't just useful in the dining room. We love using them in entryways, bedrooms, and living rooms for both display and storage. Here, we imagined using our Trucco Cabinet in a bedroom to store jewelry, accessories, and shoes.


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